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A word from clients

Jay Phillips, D.M.D


In the early years of my practice, I used several different dental laboratories. I was never satisfied with the amount of interproximal and occlusal adjustment needed to seat a crown. Delivery appointments required too much chair time. Today I use ATG Crown and Bridge. ATG offers a wide variety of services to satisfy all of my crown and bridge needs in one location. Because of their attention to detail and extra steps used to finish a case, adjustments are minimal, if any, and my delivery appointment times have been cut in half.

Buddy Cawley, D.M.D.


I have used ATG Crown and Bridge as my crown and bridge lab for the past 23 years. The working relationship with them has been dynamic. Communication is of the utmost importance when striving for perfection. ATG Crown and Bridge makes communication easy and the end results have been astounding. Recommendations can come too easy and not really be deserved. This is not the case with ATG Crown and Bridge. I enthusiastically recommend ATG Crown and Bridge and salute them for their honesty, professionalism and quality lab work!

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